A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place or a time of travel to commemorate great events in salvation history. It is an opportunity to bring our petitions, praise, and thanksgiving to a place blessed in some way by the presence of God or His saints. It is also a symbol of what our lives should always be as Christians on our earthly journey towards heaven.

The Americas

Canada: Rich in French Catholic heritage this side of the Atlantic

Canada's rich and diverse landscape lends itself to all sorts of authentic Catholic experiences. Travel to the heart of Old Montreal and visit St. Joseph’s Oratory, founded by St. Andre Bessette and considered the jewel in Canada’s religious heritage.

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Mexico: The Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine you can’t miss

Visit the brilliantly colored, modern Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe and view St. Juan Diego’s miraculous Tilma, the sackcloth bearing the famous image of the Holy Virgin. 

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United States: Peaceful pilgrimage within the borders

Compared to Rome, the United States seems like it would be lacking in Catholic history. On the contrary, the United States has deep roots in Catholicism because quite a few people were anti-Catholic when settlers were searching for religious freedom

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