A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place or a time of travel to commemorate great events in salvation history. It is an opportunity to bring our petitions, praise, and thanksgiving to a place blessed in some way by the presence of God or His saints. It is also a symbol of what our lives should always be as Christians on our earthly journey towards heaven.

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"I was with [Canterbury Pilgrimages] in Quebec, where they organized a pilgrimage for nearly 500 people. They are a great Catholic family so they understand the meaning of a pilgrimage. ... I thought their coordination of large groups was excellent." -Fr. Jonathan Gaspar


"Thank you for the wonderful 4 days and adventures through DC as we adventured through our faith! Everything was spectacular - the hotel, meals, bus outings, places we saw!!" -Regina Z.


Western Europe

Andorra: A secret hidden in the Alps

The tiny "Country of the Pyrenees," located between Spain and France, boasts great skiing, beautiful scenery, luxurious resorts, and a particular devotion to the Catholic Faith.

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Austria: If you like Sound of Music, you’ll love this

Nestled in the Alpine mountains amid breathtaking scenery, land-locked imperial Austria welcomes the pilgrim to explore their rich Catholic heritage.

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Belgium: A small country with a big Catholic heritage

Belgium is a small country with a big Catholic heritage. Visit the fifth largest church in the world started by King Leopold, or attend the foot pilgrimage procession at the Our Lady of Foy Shrine in Meuse Valley.

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France: Why a pilgrimage to France could change your life

A geographically beautiful and diverse country, France is a land of quaint villages, vineyards, the majestic French Alps, and a rich Catholic history well-reflected in its numerous shrines.

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Germany: Castles, Cologne, and Catholicism

Travel scenic winding roads through the German Alps and discover your Catholic heritage amid half-timbered medieval towns and lively cosmopolitan cities.

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Greece and the seeds of Christianity

Iconic photos of Greece reveal tantalizing blue waters and architecture that beckons sightseeing. Many know Greece for Thessaloníki, one of the first centers of Christianity in Europe. Here, the Apostle Paul evangelized and started many Christian churches.

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Ireland: A journey to the emerald beauty

The misty shores of Ireland invite you to discover their hard-won Catholic heritage. Enjoy Ireland's warm hospitality as you explore the country that was home to such beloved saints as Patrick, Bridget, and Lawrence O'Toole.

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Italy: Pilgrimage where the heart of Catholicism still beats

Italy has a long history of pilgrimage tradition and with good reason. Home to over 100 Catholic churches in Rome alone, a Catholic history that stretches back to the founding of the Church, and Vatican City nestled in the middle, the opportunities for spiritual exploration seem endless.

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Monaco: Catholicism in the world’s 2nd smallest nation

One of the smallest nations on the planet (second only to the Vatican), the Principality of Monaco is a little country with a lot to offer.

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Portugal pilgrimage & why 4 million people can’t be wrong

Portugal is home to one of the most important Catholic shrines in the world: Fatima, the "Capital of Peace" where Mary appeared to the three shepherd children.

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Spain: A chance to walk in the footsteps of 100 saints

The birthplace of the Jesuits and the Dominicans, and the homeland of over 100 saints, including Teresa of Avila, Francis Xavier, John of the Cross, Ignatius of Loyola, Dominic of Osma, and Peter Claver, Catholic Spain has a wealth of church history to share.

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United Kingdom: Spiritual renewal amidst rolling hills

The peaceful, rolling hills of England, Scotland, and Wales offer much for those seeking spiritual refreshment, including our namesake: Canterbury, the subject of Chaucer's classic tales and the site of Sir Thomas' Becket's martyrdom.

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