A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place or a time of travel to commemorate great events in salvation history. It is an opportunity to bring our petitions, praise, and thanksgiving to a place blessed in some way by the presence of God or His saints. It is also a symbol of what our lives should always be as Christians on our earthly journey towards heaven.

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"I was with [Canterbury Pilgrimages] in Quebec, where they organized a pilgrimage for nearly 500 people. They are a great Catholic family so they understand the meaning of a pilgrimage. ... I thought their coordination of large groups was excellent." -Fr. Jonathan Gaspar


"Thank you for the wonderful 4 days and adventures through DC as we adventured through our faith! Everything was spectacular - the hotel, meals, bus outings, places we saw!!" -Regina Z.


Ireland: A journey to the emerald beauty

The misty shores of Ireland invite you to discover their hard-won Catholic heritage. Enjoy Ireland's warm hospitality as you explore the country that was home to such beloved saints as Patrick, Bridget, and Lawrence O'Toole.



On pilgrimage to Ireland, you may want to...

Visit St. Patrick's Cathedral and Trinity College in Dublin, where you can view the world renowned Book of Kells, a gorgeously illuminated manuscript of the four Gospels from the seventh century. Traverse the rolling green hills, attend Mass in Knock in the Church of the Apparition, explore the Benedictine abbey in Kylemore, or visit Glendalough and the 6th century Christian monastic site founded by St. Kevin.



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15 things to see while you're in Ireland

Ireland has a rich history, that's no secret. But it's not just Catholicism that is steeped in its history; the rolling hills hold centuries-old castles and monuments, too! Here's a short list of things you want to try to see while on pilgrimage to Ireland:

  1. St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral in Dublin
  2. Glendalough: an ancient monastic city, established in the sixth century by St. Kevin. Also see St. Kevin's "Kitchen"
  3. Rock of Cashel, standing high in the middle of the Golden Vale
  4. Dingle Peninsula by way of the Mount Eagle and the cliffs of Slea Head
  5. Croagh Patrick—the mountain where St. Patrick fasted for 40 days in 441
  6. Knock Shrine—one of the world's leading Marian shrines—and Our Lady's Basilica
  7. Glenstal Abbey, a Benedictine monastery dedicated to Sts. Joseph and Columbia
  8. King John's Castle and St. Mary's Cathedral in the heart of the mideval district
  9. Gallarus Oratory built by the early monks and dating back to the ninth century
  10. Cliffs of Moher in County Clare
  11. Corcomroe Abbey and the Cathedral of Galway
  12. Blarney Castle, located in the "biggest little village in Ireland"
  13. St. Peter and Paul's Church in Cork, Ireland
  14. Clonmacnoise, one of the most important monastic sites and founded by St. Ciaran in the sixth century
  15. Historic Cork City Gaol and the picturesque harbor and downtown 



How to travel Ireland

Of course, everyone is going to have unique ways that they prefer to pack for travel, how they like to get around, and who they like to go with. But what about packing specifically for a country that's known for its rain? How do you get immersed in the culture in the short time you're there? While we can't say that we agree with every point, this article on how to handle the weather and the Irish locals has some interesting perspectives to consider before you travel! We even found a short list on the top five pubs in Ireland for those who prefer to avoid the tourist-traps and have an authentic Irish experience.




Interested in seeing what a pilgrimage to Ireland might look like?

From cathedrals and abbeys, to castles and rolling hills, a holy year pilgrimage to Ireland can enliven your faith and satisfy your adventurous spirit! If you're interested in an excursion to Scotland, see the sample itinerary. Otherwise, below is our sample Ireland pilgrimage! (Click the link to see the document larger on Scribd)


Ireland Sample Pilgrimage by Canterbury Pilgrimages

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